Comics 202 – Into the Weird (Autumn 2019)

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“Into the weird” is a wild ride into the world of comics with a somewhat niche audience. 

In this slightly more advanced course we’re going dive into the peculiar side of comics!

We’ll discuss comic genres that somehow are marginalized, have a niche following, or that for some reason seem weird to the public eye – and of course draw and create a lot. We’ll also push the boundaries of the medium and format of comics.

You do not have to know how to make comics in order to enjoy the class. No prior knowledge on “weird” comic genres such as horror, gonzo etc. is needed. 
The emphasis of this course will be on creating and creative energy. So if you want to spend some relaxing, inspiring autumn nights while enjoying and creating the peculiar comics, welcome!  


Teacher/opettaja: Kaisa Leino

7.11.–12.12. on Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm / torstaisin klo 18–20 (course is on a autumn break during week 42)

Comics Center / Sarjakuvakeskus, Porthaninkatu 9

Price/hinta: 60€/50€ (discount for Comics Society’s members, students, pensioners, unemployed / alennus Sarjakuvaseuran jäsenille, opiskelijoille, eläkeläisille ja työttömille)

Enrolment/ilmoittautuminen: here/täällä

 Canceling your enrolment in the course must be done at the latest two weeks before the course starts to the address After that time limit we charge a 20€ fee. When the course has started it is no longer possible to cancel your enrolment.

The minimum amount of participants for the courses of Comics Centre is 8. If there are less participants, we may have to cancel the course. We will inform the participants about the cancellation at the latest one week before the course starts.

Ilmoittautuminen on sitova. Peruutukset osoitteeseen viimeistään 2 viikkoa ennen kurssin alkua, sen jälkeen veloitamme 20€. Kurssin peruuttaminen kurssin alettua ei ole mahdollista.

Minimimäärä osallistujia Sarjakuvakeskuksen kursseille on 8. Jos osallistujia on vähemmän, kurssi voidaan joutua perumaan. Ilmoitamme kurssin peruuntumisesta viimeistään viikko ennen kurssin alkua.