Nordicomics Tallinn Workshop 2011

This book was made during the Nordicomics Baltic workshop held in Tallinn in December 2011 and presents works from comic artists and illustrators of the Nordic and Baltic countries. The artists had a week to produce comics about Tallinn, and we are now proud to show you the results!

The participants included Mari Ahokoivu (FIN), Verna Kuutti (FIN), Joonas Lehtimäki (FIN), Eeva Meltio (FIN), Emmi Valve (FIN), Maria Dziarmaga (POL), Kristel Maamägi (EST), Martin Märss (EST), Stella Salumaa (EST), Elina Sildre (EST), Toom Tragel (EST), Ingrida Picukane (LAT) and Egle Vitkute (LIT).

Available in our webstore at 10.00 €.