– Copenhagen Workshop May 2010

The Copenhagen workshop book was done as a part of the initiative, at the “Book in a week” workshop held in connection with the international Comics Festival in May 2010 Copenhagen. It is a collaboration between comics artists and illustrators hailing from all over the Nordic countries.

The works in the book are done in response to Letter XVIII from Mary Wollstonecraft’s Travelogue ‘A short residence in Sweden, Norway and Denmark’ documenting her arrival in Copenhagen following the 1793 fire. The letter is an unflattering account of the Danes, their national character and the city itself.

The workshop was made possible only through the help and assistance of ‘Billedskolen i Tvillingehallerne‘.

Artists: Mari AhokoivuSimon BukhaveTerhi EkebomKolbeinn KarlssonSøren Glosimodt MosdalJacob ØrstedChrister NuutinenSigne ParkinsChristian SkovgaardTuukka TeponojaRikke Villadsen.

Editor: Christian Skovgaard

in English

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