Saksalainen Elke Renate Steiner tavattavissa pe 26.6.

Feministinen sarjakuvatoiminta -verkosto järjestää tapaamisen saksalaisen Elke Renate Steinerin kanssa pe 16.6. klo 16–19, tervetuloa paikalle. FEMSKT on avoin sarjakuvaharrastajien verkosto.




Elke Renate Steiner (b. 1971) is a Berlin-based comics artist and illustrator. She has held many comics workshops in Russia and in Germany and does live drawing gigs. The subjects of her work are human rights, judaism and lgbti themes. 

Steiner has published several comic books, the newest being Die anderen Mendelssohns – Karl Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Reprodukt 2015). 
Her comics have been published at BubbleGun (CS), Words Without Borders (USA), Ottar (S), L’Association (F), LeMonde Diplomatique, Renate, Moga Mobo, Panel ambixious Comix, Männerschwarm (D) and others. 

Steiner is in Finland to participate the Helsinki Pride. In this occasion we organize a small informal meeting where the members and fans of Femicomix Finland get to know her work and our members get to tell about our collective.