NEW DATES! Metacognitive 2-day workshop (Life Coaching with Comics)


Metacomics 2-Day workshop is an intensive, yet complete experience, where the main goal is to take a step back from daily life and reflect about: How did the first half of your year go? What achievements and lessons have you had? And How could you use these learning experiences to set yourself up and boost your motivation for the second half of the year?

For this purposes you will do: an holistic evaluation of various areas of your life, a gratitude routine with glögi and comics (yes, we will use the glögi for both, to do toast and to paint), visualize your goals with a visual board in comics version, then experiment in real-life taking micro actions and give yourself feedback using metafictional techniques. In the end, you will use this 2-Day experience to make your own “tool-kit” about your personal way to work towards your dreams and goals in life. All of these thinking exercises expressed in written and also visually with simple comics drawings.

Watch METACOMICS 2020 Personal development & drawing comics- video


  • Pizza of life: an holistic evaluation.
  • Glögi and comics: a gratitude ritual.
  • Visual board in comics version: visualize your goals and become the author of your own story. 
  • Meta-feedback: Give yourself feedback from different self perspectives using comics. 
  • Tool-kit: Become aware of your own way of accomplishing dreams and goals in life. 

 *These are the main themes. However, adjustments could be made in order to improve the workshop plan. The sessions consist of about: 30%  thinking writing exercises, 30% creative exercises making your comics, and 30% sharing in a friendly and fun atmosphere. 

Why comics? 

we use comics because:

  • The combination of text and images in comics, rational thoughts and creative imagination, makes them the perfect tool to reflect and plan our life in a purposeful and fun way. 
  • Their creative nature helps us overcome rational limiting beliefs and reframe our future with imagination. Also because our brain thinks in images and therefore the visual nature of comics helps us access our subconscious, remember and motivate ourselves better. 
  • Making comics drawings with our own hands in the age of digital technology has become a more valuable and irreplaceable experience, which allows us to connect with ourselves and others in real-life. 
  • Finally, because comics are fun!

Do I have to know how to draw comics? 

No, you don’t have to. Good drawing skills are not required, the most important is curiosity for comics expression and a will for self-improvement. You don’t have to be a comics artist, but interested in becoming an artist of your own life 😉

The main focus of this course is not on teaching how to draw comics, rather it focuses on life coaching strategies, using reflecting questions, and the “metacomics method”, a method that refers to the use of comics as a learning strategy via metafictional techniques. A metafictional technique is an approach that connects fiction with reality. For example, it does it via connecting the audience or author with the story of the comic. In this case, we will use it to connect yourself with your own story and become the author of your own life. 

Who could be interested?

This course is ideal for everyone, including: educators, art teachers, social workers, facilitators, coaches, visual thinkers like architects or graphic designers, among others, and most importantly anyone interested in personal growth using visual tools. 

Do I have to bring my own material?

The Comics Center provides all basic drawing materials, but it is recommended to bring your own A4 notebook.

Testimonials in comics version in the images below.

For examples have a look at: metacomics fb group 

Teacher background: 

Luis Bellido is a coach, art educator and architect.

He is a certified coach, holding an international coaching certification by Growthroom and World Coaching Organization. He is also a former architect from Lima-Perú, and holds a Master in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education from Aalto University, Helsinki-Finland. His thesis, Meta-cognitive-comics, an exploration of metacognition via metacomics ( , was the base for this course, and also for his current working method: the “metacomics method”.


Course information

Schedule: Sat 15.8. 10–16, Sun 16.8. 10–14  Moved to Sat 7.11. 10–16, Sun 8.11. 10–14

Price: 150 / 115 € (discount for Comics Society’s members, students, pensioners, unemployed.)

Place: Sarjakuvakeskus, Porthaninkatu 9

Enrollment: here

Teacher: Luis Bellido

Canceling your enrolment in the course must be done at the latest two weeks before the course starts to the address that time limit we charge a 20€ fee. When the course has started it is no longer possible to cancel your enrolment and we charge the full price.

The minimum amount of participants for the courses of Comics Centre is 10. If there are less participants, we may have to cancel the course. We will inform the participants about the cancellation at the latest one week before the course starts.

comics from previous participants

 Metacog Comics testimonials. 1. 2 Day Workshop Summer 2019

 Metacog Comics testimonials. 2. 2 Day Workshop Summer 2019

Metacog Comics testimonials. 3. 2 Day Workshop Summer 2019

Metacog Comics testimonials. 4. 2 Day Workshop Summer 2019

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