Comics workshop for kids and youth

Workshop by Heta Huttunen
This comic task package includes 3 different tasks: A, B and C. You can use supplies found at home, such as a pen and paper, or even with a smartphone drawing application.
1. Draw 10 random shapes, or let someone else to draw 10 random shapes for you. Notice that there must be empty space “inside” the shapes, as the example shows down below.
IMG 4943
2. Look at the shapes. What shape do they look like? Try to imagine shapes as something existing.
3. Use a pencil to draw content in and around the shapes that makes them look like something existing! See example below.
IMG 4944
4. If you got excited, you can draw more new shapes and start all over!
December is the last month of the year. Now is the time to look back the past months and create characters out of them! What is January like? What about February? June? You will definitely have some images / landscapes / memories in mind. 
Imagine what kind of comic characters the different months would be like.
Think about what they would look like. What kind of character features and expressions would they have? What kind of color scheme suits the character of March or November, for example? Are the characters people, animals or something else?
Draw 12 characters (12 months) on the same paper or different papers. You can use the pencils you own, and color your character if you own coloured pencils.
IMG 4940
IMG 4939
IMG 4941
We communicate a lot with smartphones and computers these days. The communication can be, for example, written but also visual, for example with emoticons. There are many types of emoticons, but there are a lot of things that are not turned into as emoticons. What kind of emoticons would you like to exist? Design and draw emoticons that you would like to use for communicating with other people! The emoticons can be designed on blank paper, or on a printable handout which you can download here