Finnish Comics Annual 2012

Finnish Comics Annual 2012 is the second volume in the Finnish Comics Annual series. It includes stories about everyday life and locality.

Terhi Ekebom: In New Territories (originally published 2005)

Matti Hagelberg: The Poor People (originally published 2010)

Grönroos & Rantio: Mr Bear, Barbie, Hannah, Eye Drops (originally published 1998)

Pauli Kallio & Mika Lietzén: The Florist’s Lucky Day (originally published 2005)

Tarmo Koivisto: Room for Youth (originally published 1980)

Mika Lietzén: A Story from a Street (originally published 2007)

Petteri Tikkanen: Heather and One Thing (originally published 2007)

Tiitu Takalo: It’s a Wonderful life (originally published 2010)

Katja Tukiainen: Mademoiselle Good Heavens III (originally exhibited 2010)

Riitta Uusitalo: Piglet’s Kids (originally published 1996)

Edited by Reija Sann

Published by The Finnish Comics Society and Huuda Huuda in March 2012.

Available at the webstore for 30.00 €.