Comics Center (Sarjakuvakeskus) is an open and independent cultural centre for comics art.

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Office phone number: 09 685 6100, Calls Monday and Thursday between 11 am and 5 pm.


Sarjakuvakeskus (for Comics Center in Finnish) was founded in  2008. 

The Finnish Comics Society is the organisation behind Comics Center. The Society was started in 1971 and it publishes the Sarjainfo magazine, organises events and the annual Helsinki Comics Festival, among other things.


Apart from adult art courses at Porthaninkatu Comics Center organises courses for kids, youth and senior citizens at different locations throughout Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. We also organise comics courses on demand.

We teach making comics at courses and workshops, the students of which range from kids to professionals. The courses are longer, with fees, and workshops are generally free to enter. Finnish and international artists visit to hold exhibitions and workshops, also in English. We have a good network of Finnish comics teachers and we also organise courses and pop-up events elsewhere in Finland and abroad.

We specialise in using comics and workshops for the benefit of the differing needs of various groups and organisations. We work with companies and organisations that want to use comics as a means for brainstorming and/or internal and external communication. We also help in getting in touch with suitable people for artists for clients' projects.

The comics method and themed workshops can be used for working with special needs groups. Our teachers have worked with numerous groups ranging from persons with physical and mental dispabilities to prisoners to pensioners. Making comics is a low threshold art activity that can be used for empowerment through telling personal stories, group bonding, communication and small press and web publishing. We believe in comics!



Illustration: Milla Paloniemi


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Next up: September 2022. Free entry!

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